Pulpotomies In Cypress

What Is A Pulpotomy?

A pulpotomy is also known as a “baby root canal,” because the process is similar to a root canal, and the treatment is used for the same purpose, but is usually used on baby teeth rather than adult teeth.

A pulpotomy is used to remove infected pulp from your child’s baby tooth to keep it healthy and preserve it. With a pulpotomy, your child can keep their baby tooth until it falls out naturally, even if it’s become infected due to an oral injury or a large, untreated cavity. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for your little one at Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry.

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Cavities are the most common preventable childhood disease in kids of all ages. An untreated cavity can lead to a tooth infection that requires a pulpotomy!

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Pulpotomy Process For Your Child in Cypress

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Preparing the area

First, Dr. Chun or Dr. Julia will clean and numb your child’s mouth to prepare them for the procedure, and ensure they can remain completely comfortable. We also offer sedation for all patients at Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry.

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Opening up the tooth

Next, your child’s dentist in Cypress or Katy will use a drill to remove damaged or decayed enamel, and to create a small opening in the tooth.

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Cleaning out the inside of the tooth

Dr. Julia or Dr. Chun will remove damaged and decayed pulp from inside of the tooth. Then, the inside of the tooth will be sanitized and cleaned.

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Applying the dressing & protecting the tooth

A special healing dressing is placed over the remaining healthy pulp to preserve. Then, the tooth will be covered and protected with a filling or a crown, completing the procedure.

The Basics About Pulpotomies

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When Is A Pulpotomy Needed?

Pulpotomies are necessary whenever a child’s baby tooth has been damaged and the interior “pulp” has become infected. The pulp contains the nerves and blood vessels that maintain the vitality of the tooth. If it’s infected, it will continue to decay, and eventually the tooth itself will die and fall out.

This usually happens because of two reasons. First, an oral injury can result in a serious chip, crack, or broken tooth. This may expose the pulp and cause it to become infected, so a pulpotomy is usually necessary to restore it.

Or, more commonly, a pulpotomy may be required due to a large, untreated cavity. If the cavity eats through the outer layers of the tooth, the bacteria can infect the pulp and cause a tooth infection that will require a pulpotomy from our Cypress office.

Is A Pulpotomy The Same As A Root Canal?

Not quite. In a root canal, all of the pulp is removed, and then the tooth is filled with an inert material to keep it strong and preserve it for as long as possible.

But in a pulpotomy, only some of the pulp is removed. Pulp that looks healthy will be left in place, and a dressing is applied to help it heal. This is better for baby teeth, since leaving the pulp in place can help ensure the adult teeth erupt properly in the future.