Top 5 Signs of Tooth Decay in Children

Worried that your child may have a cavity? There are a few signs you can look out for to identify cavities early and get the help your child needs to restore their teeth. Read on to learn how to identify a potential cavity, and contact Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry to schedule a checkup with Dr. Julia or Dr. Chun at our office in Cypress, TX. 

1. Tooth Sensitivity

First, your child may show signs of teeth sensitivity. They may complain of discomfort when eating really hot or cold foods, or when eating sweets. Some kids may also experience pain when chewing and biting tough foods, due to the pressure required to chew them.

Tooth sensitivity is usually a cause for concern in kids. It could indicate the weakening of one or more teeth caused by tooth decay, so you should schedule an appointment with a pediatric dentist in Cypress right away.

2. Toothache 

More serious cavities may result in prolonged tooth pain. If your child is complaining about a sore tooth that won’t go away, you should definitely see the dentist right away. Tooth pain is not normal in kids or adults, and may be caused by a deep cavity or even an infected tooth. 

3. Discoloration Of The Teeth

In the early stages of decay, the teeth tend to develop white spots as the enamel becomes weaker and loses minerals. If you see a lot of strange white spots on your child’s teeth, see a dentist right away.

Later stages of decay will cause dark brown, gray, or black staining and discoloration. The color depends on the extent of the decay, but any tooth discoloration should be examined by a dentist, as it’s likely a sign of tooth decay.

4. Visible Holes Or Pits In Teeth

Cavities get their name from the fact that they create…. cavities in the teeth! Cavities create deep holes and pits in the teeth, which are fairly easy to recognize, at least in the front teeth. 

If you look at your child’s teeth and notice any strange pitting or holes, it’s very likely that they have a cavity. You can shine a light into their mouth to get a better view. 

5. Red Or Swollen Gums Near A Tooth

As cavities get worse and bacteria begin to build up in and around the tooth, the nearby gums may begin to swell and become inflamed. They will look puffy and red instead of pink. If you notice that your child’s gums look discolored and inflamed, tooth decay may be the culprit. 

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