5 Myths About Dental Sedation For Kids – Busted!

At Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry, we know that dental care can be intimidating for your little ones, especially if they need treatments like dental fillings. That’s why we’re proud to offer sedation dentistry at our Cypress and Katy pediatric dental offices. With sedation, Dr. Julia or Dr. Chun can keep your child feeling safe and comfortable throughout their appointment. 

But there are some myths, and misconceptions about sedation dentistry for kids. And in this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most common myths about pediatric dental sedation, and separate fact from fiction. Let’s get started!

1. Dental Sedation Only Helps With Pain

It is true that dental sedation helps relieve pain and discomfort, especially when combined with numbing injections. But that’s not the only benefit. Dental sedation also helps keep your child comfortable and relaxed during their appointment.

It even helps with fear of needles, which is huge for kids who need numbing injections. Sedation also helps impair the gag reflex, which is very helpful in kids with strong gag reflexes and small mouths, particularly if Dr. Julia or Dr. Chun need to operate on their rear teeth. 

2. Sedation Isn’t Safe For Kids

This is false. All methods of dental sedation are safe for kids of all ages. Dr. Julia or Dr. Chun will discuss your child’s health and medical history with you to make sure they're a good candidate, and they will create a custom sedation plan to deliver a safe amount of sedative drugs. We also will keep a close eye on your child’s vitals throughout their procedure, so in the extraordinarily rare case that something doesn't look right, we’ll know right away.

3. Sedation Always Uses Needles Or Pills

IV sedation uses a needle to deliver sedative drugs, and oral conscious sedation uses a pill to keep your child feeling comfortable. These are common types of sedation for kids of all ages.

But these aren’t the only options. Your child can also drink a liquid sedative, similar to liquid children’s Tylenol or Motrin. Laughing gas (nitrous oxide) is also an option. In this method of sedation, no needles or pills are needed. Dr. Julia or Dr. Chun will put a nose mask on your child’s face, and they’ll breathe in nitrous oxide that will help with pain and discomfort and make them feel happy throughout their appointment in Cypress and Katy.

4. Kids Can Only Be Sedated For Invasive Dental Procedures

For obvious reasons, sedation is great for treatments like fillings or tooth extractions. But these aren’t the only times that sedation can be used. At our office, we offer pediatric sedation for any appointment, even things like routine teeth cleanings. If your child is anxious about dentistry and you think they could benefit from sedation, it’s always an option at Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry. 

5. Sedation Will Make Your Child Groggy And Sleepy

This isn’t necessarily true. There are multiple types of sedation available. Oral conscious sedation and IV sedation use powerful sedatives that may make your child sleepy or groggy, or even cause them to forget what happened during their procedure.

However, nitrous oxide sedation is much different. Your child will remain alert, and there are no serious after-effects. This makes it a great choice if you and your child have to get back to your day-to-day routine right away after their appointment at our office.

Explore The Benefits Of Sedation Dentistry At Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry

Sedation is really helpful for kids who have dental anxiety, who have had bad experiences at the dentist in the past, or who simply need a little help staying calm and comfortable during a dental procedure. If you think your child could benefit from sedation in Katy or Cypress, Cavity Patrol Pediatric Dentistry is here to help. Give us a call at (832) 305-6507 or get in touch online to get started. See how Dr. Julia and Dr. Chun can provide your child with the expert care they need in Cypress or Katy for a healthy mouth!

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